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Originally Posted by WizardSmokey View Post
This is really sweet. Badass looking car, I'm taking notes.

Some random quations: What's the offset on your rear wheels? Any clearance issues? And I dig your frunk mount radiator. That was the origional plan on mine, but we ended up going a different route. I'm also very much considering s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ borrowing your widebody design.

One of these days, we need to meet up at VIR.
Thanks! The rear wheels are 12Ēs wide with the hub right in the middle of the wheel. I donít have fitment issues but the fenders are of course not factory. The front is 8Ēs wider which I accomplished by extending the front suspension (I didnít change the offset of the wheels). The rear fenders were actually really easy to make I used .125Ē think aluminum (super super thin). It canít even support itself unless itís bolted down, but onceís secured its rock solid.
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