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Well I've also had some enormous scope creep. I decided that lifting the car 2 feet off the ground to pull the engine from below is absurd and I don't have enough faith that I can service the Audi V8 with the factory engine cover in place so I did some cutting... I removed he entire engine surround and fire wall, rear trunk and moved all the electronics to the cabin I'll make an aluminum firewall that goes all the way to the roof and will either install a plexi window or install a hidefinition rear camera that uses the a rear view mirror as a screen (oddly the cheaper option). With the rear trunk removed I can now just wheel a new motor in instead of lifting the car up and pulling it from underneath (especially valuable with the tall V8 compared to the flat 6)

you can see in the above photo I'll need to add some rear chassis reinforcement, I'm going wait for the engine to go in and then tie something into the cage to strengthen it

I also added a third radiator thatíll sit under the hood scoop (feed from the front of the car and cut out the original rear quarter panels (that now sit under the widebody) to make room for...intercoolers

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