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Sunday is the big show with our PCA club. This is an annual event thatís normally held in June but was postponed due to COVID. There were fewer show categories this yr with just 3 Ė best air cooled, water cooled, and 4 door. I would be in a tough category.

I decided to attend the weekly Cars & Coffee on Sat morning as kind of a test exhibition. Was glad I did, as I saw a few more places that needed cleaning. I placed a few pics of the Ďbeforeí in the trunk. People were amazed and many asked if Iíd had her painted. Nope, just a lot of elbow grease.

Here are the before pics from Nov, to refresh your memory.

Here are the pics from Sat.

There was a guy there who also buys and sells cars. Heís recently sold a 78 & 81 928 and gave me an estimate on what he thought mine was worth. Iím going to hold off publishing his estimate, but I was very pleasantly surprised. He said he sold his sharks on ebay. Iím not sure if thatís the way to go. Iíve contemplated BAT but not sure if I want to deal with the peanut gallery comments that go along with a BAT auction (see previous post for a similar rant). I also have a plan thatís a bit out there, but Iím going to take a shot. Regardless, it was nice to see people really liked the Mistress. I have a few more items to address, but need to shift my focus to a sales plan.

Sun morning I worked on several areas that needed a bit more detail attention. The judge would be a stickler for the details. Was happy with how she looked and was glad Iíd done the C&C show the day before. I get cleaned up and Iím ready to head to the show. I open the trunk to connect the battery cable. Oh oh, the cable is already connected, which means I forgot to disconnect it the day before when I finished my tail light work. That also means the battery would be low or dead. It was the latter. I quickly hook up the battery charger. Good thing I was ahead of schedule, but I was supposed to be at the site to direct traffic, so I needed to be there. Gave her 20 min of charge. Sheís normally a quick starter and the battery had enough juice to get her going. I packed a set of jumper cables just in case she didnít want to start after the event.

I got to the show at the proper time, get the shark parked, disconnect the battery, and start directing traffic. We were supposed to have a special 3-some display of 914s at our event, but all 3 fell thru. We have a new member whoís first Porsche is an 82 928, so we asked my friend with the red 87 928 S4 if he planned to attend. He did, so we assembled a 928 3-some as the feature display.

Club members were impressed with how she looked. It was fun telling the story of my struggles and victories. One person I talked to almost sounded like he might be interested in her. Hmmmm. After lunch, the judge was asked to announce the winners. Before he released their names, he gave a few pointers on how to compete in a show contest. He mentions my name as doing these things Ė clean out the junk in your car, put the steering wheel in the straight across position, and point the bottom of the crest of the center caps to the valve stem on your tires. There were a few others items he listed and I was making a mental note as to whether Iíd done them as he checked them off. The winner of the water cooled group was a guy with a í14 911 Turbo that he keeps in immaculate condition and his award was well deserved.

People started to leave in droves. I didnít want to be the last one left in case the Mistress did Mistress things. I hook up the battery and sheís dead. A friend graciously brings his 911 over for a jump. Still dead. One time I thought it was going to fire, but there just wasnít enough juice. I pull the battery out and he gave me a ride home (Iím only 1.5 mi away). Throw the battery on the charger and watch the last 2 hrs of the US Open. Call a friend who lives close by and he graciously agrees to pick me up and take me back to the show location. I toss the battery in, hook up the cables, and cross my fingers. She fires right up. Got her home, disconnect the cable, and hook her back up to the charger.

Tomorrow I tear the dash apart again to search for the reason why the dash light stays on. But it was a good weekend.
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