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Originally Posted by gpena View Post
Thank you guys, yes it looks like pieces from the guides. I don't know or believe the guides were repleaced before and no chance to verify. I'll have a look in the forum for mor information, I would like to replace them myself and skip the IMSB replacement job for later as a precaution.

Do I need to drop down the engine to replace those guides?

I own the car for a week and only noticed there is a short clack clack when I start the car and after I drive it for a while (15 min). I know the car was parked for years 2013 2018 and then had 2 owners after that and now myself. Last oil change was 1 yr ago with 10W40, I bought 0W40 mobil 1 and new filter that I'm filling in today.

will see how it starts with the new oil and search for noises at start and after few min driving to asess..
It`s doable with engine in the car but much easier on the engine out on a stand. So if you want to tackle other stuff, like clutch or RMS, or SAI, I think it`s worthwhile to pull the engine.
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