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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Yup, I'm with you on ALL of this. ALL OF IT. 100%. I live in a community which, while perhaps less than other places in the nation, is the hardest-hit in Utah, barring only the Navajo reservation. And still, even with the mandate (let alone before it) the mask usage is incredibly low. I shake my head.
Now I am NOT one of those guys who's going to get on my high-horse and say these people are selfish (or worse), because I understand their mentality, I really do. I disagree with it, but I try to understand them, and I do.

Where your comments stop abruptly, though, are whether or not you think "please" not cutting-it is justification for government over-reach. (If we define over-reach as anything not specifically enumerated in the US Const. or that of the individual states.)
Ahh, thereís the rub: what DOES constitute Ďover-reachí? One person feeling their rights are being trampled on is viewed by another person as the government doing what is supposed to be done to protect the health and welfare of its people. The governor, like the president, has pretty broad authority to issue executive orders when needed to insure that that is what happens. And if itís not specified to be solely within the strict purview of the federal government (itís not) and itís not otherwise Ďunconstitutionalí (which is at least arguably true), then mandating mask usage is not technically over-reach. Ultimately, like always, itíll eventually come down to what the courts thinkówhich, of course, will depend in large part on WHO appointed the particular judge(s)/justice(s) handing down the decisions.

Originally Posted by maytag View Post
As I mentioned earlier; I don't necessarily know where I stand on some of this.
Man do I ever hear you on this. Between covid and this impulsive, divisive, highly unorthodox administration we have in the White House these days, I donít know if Iím cominí or goiní sometimes. (When he won the election, I was more than willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I took my hat off to the manóhe pulled off a major, largely unexpected victory. Thereís still things he asserts that I agree with (occasionally). But geeeeez, the manís a bull in a China shop. Over time heís just committed way too many major blunders and stupid indiscretions and unforgivable gaffes. And the worst of it? The very worst, in my mind? Heís created a civil war mentality, developed and nurtured animosities between people that hadnít existed before, turned folks that may previously have had minor disagreements into bitter enemies. That just doesnít sit well with me.)

All in all, I donít think that we (those of us still left in this discussion) are ALL that far apart on most of this stuff. Subtle differences in opinions can blossom into major disputes when oneís reasoning is publically called into question. Itís like one too many inside fastballs: usually they get shrugged off with a minor grumble, but sometimes they end up with pitcher/batter/catcher rolling in the dirt. I think we can probably succeed in staying out of the dirt.
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