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Originally Posted by maytag View Post

I think Starter made an important point when he said he'd like to be asked, not required (I'm paraphrasing). I think this is a common theme amongst conservatives regarding many, many issues: You (the gov't) don't have the right to compel me, so just ask us nicely. This is, for instance, how I feel about taxation for social programs, and many other governmental "programs" which may have best-interests at heart, but seek to compel where there is no precedent or constitutional basis for that power being given to gov't.
The government doesn't ask you not to harm others. It mandates it. The government doesn't ask you not to smoke in public. It mandates it.

Since when did conservatives become such snowflakes that they need to be
'asked' to do something? Want us to say, "Pretty-please with sugar on top" too?

Originally Posted by maytag View Post
I have a BIGGER problem with the seeming-incongruity behind supporting Protests and protesters (even though they are rarely masked and are NEVER social-distancing) while simultaneously shutting-down religious gatherings, schools, in-person voting and an entire host of other activities which could certainly be done with a modicum of safety that far exceeds what is being exercised during a protest / statue vandalizing session.
While I agree with you that protesting at this time is far from safe, first and foremost I need to check you on the protester's wearing of masks. The vast majority do. Just google images of George Floyd protests and you can see for yourself.

Secondly, how long would you sit by and watch your people repeatedly get cut down? There's a limit people can take. And people have reached that limit when a cop put his god damn knee on an unarmed man's neck for 8-1/2 minutes, staring into the camera while the other cops just stood by and watched until the man died. F Uck yeah I'm going to protest! This can't wait until the Coronavirus is over. He was just killed, the heat of the moment is now. There's emotion, there's anger, there's a need to make a change. Jesus died 2000 years ago, church can wait.

Besides, when are protests ever 'appropriate'? It's always, "now is not the time" or "can't you find another way?" Can't kneel, can't march. Do you have any suggestions? I'll wait to hear them.
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