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Originally Posted by BRAN View Post
the Z-TOP needs a ZWEITE ENTWICKLUNG in the first place
I could think of two versions:
a.) Hatch window needs to be cut (not a good idea) and its frame permanently attached to the top. Rear deck lid with small window needs to be separated...rain water still needs to be adressed
b.) Keep the window size, attach it permanently to the top and build new hinges for the rear deck lid, that would slightly move it around the window, when opened. Rain water still needs to be adressed
plan b would be interesting although the window would reach into the accessible trunk space.

haha.. I understand the confusion.

I'm not using the supplied hatch when I use the louvers. I might use the hatch sometimes.

The factory stock rear trunk lid fits with the top in place. That's what I'm gonna use when I don't want the rear hatch.

I do plan on making a flat bar "hatch" to support the louvers that will bolt to the existing hinge that the Z-top uses.

Rain water. I'm making a bulkhead that separates me from the engine and the rear of the car. That will permanently make this car a coupe; one step shy of just glassing the top to the body. So the only rainwater is gonna be that which hits the engine. Using the supplied hatch will eliminate this all together and using louvers will mitigate it.
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