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Originally Posted by truegearhead View Post
There seems to be endless Audi 4.2l options. Is there a year/model you want to stick too? .... Has anyone attempted to proceduralize the 4.2 swap, even from a high level?
You are best off looking at the C5 A6 and S6 variants of the 4.2. S6 has forged rods i believe and a better cam setup that makes more high rpm power. The D2 S8 version makes the most power from factory (same upgrades as S6), but uses a different mount setup, which can be swapped to the A6/S6 version relatively easily. The older ABZ works with a standalone ECU, but the stock ECU cannot be easily reprogrammed like the motronic ECU you get in the 2000-2004 cars. The 2004+ 4.2 engines are timing chain rather than timing belt, and require very expensive engine out service at around 100k miles, those would not be good engines for a swap for the most part.

Member AaronF who posted above has the best info I've seen for the swap, here:
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