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Epilepsy fund raiser

This weekend was supposed to be our yearly Epilepsy fundraiser walk, unfortunately because of COVID it was cancelled. We are 3+ years into our Epilepsy journey and it is infinitely more difficult than I expected. When we first found out my daughter had Epilepsy I thought, “Ok, let’s get some medication and we will be good”. There really isn’t a good medication, the ‘good’ medications have ‘somewhat’ negative side effects and the ‘bad’ ones, well lets just say they are really bad. We are still trying to find the ‘correct’ combination to have Megan’s seizures controlled. Megan has faced this disease head-on and is stronger than I ever could have been. This fundraiser is the flagship fundraiser for the Epilepsy Association which provides resources for families with Epilepsy. The Association was a ‘god send’ for my family when we were first diagnosed. Please consider donating, truly any amount helps.

Megan’s website,

Thank you

** sorry for another fund raiser post
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