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Originally Posted by robstuartuk View Post
Hi all I have a boxster 2001 2.7
Over the last couple of days I've had a little problem starting.
It normally turned over right away and fires up but last week i struggled for a couple minutes getting it to fire up. It turned over ok and and spluttered a little. But wouldn't fire up.
After a couple of minutes it eventually started and was fine for the rest of the week.

I've left it for 2 days and gone out today and same again turns over has the odd splutter and won't fire.
After about 5 minutes ive drained the battery so now need to charge.
Question what could the likely problem be?
I have noticed the last week or so before the issues with starting it would do the odd backfire when overtaking.

Thanks in advance all..
Has you check engine light come on or flashed. Especially during the odd backfire when overtaking.??
How many km on the car.???
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