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Originally Posted by Racer Boy View Post
At the next track day take the splitter and wing off and see the change in lap times. Also note your top speed compared to the later/previous session with the aero stuff back on.

Do you know what the top speed difference is between before and now?

Just looking at the picture, I'd say you have added a lot of surface drag; the flares and possibly the new radiator duct layout, besides the front splitter and the wing may be killing your straightaway speed enough that the increased downforce (hard to say how much increase) doesn't make up the difference.

Another thing to ponder is the air intake for the engine. It's on the back window, correct? That is in a really low-pressure area, so that may be hurting horsepower, which isn't going to help.

The flares are the problem, the wing and splitter have been tested on and off, they're worth almost 3 seconds at VIR. I need to have more power, thats the only solution. Especially now that I have these absurd 12" wide rear wheels on the car

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