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It seems like I havenít gotten a lot done on The Mistress lately, but now that Iím going to chronicle the last 2.5 wks, it appears I have a lot to report.

Steering Wheel
I got a call over a wk ago from the upholsterer. He wasnít happy with the fitment of the leather on the top of the wheel. He said he had extra material and the holes werenít going to line up well. He felt the best soln was to cut it and make a seam at the top of the wheel (there already was a seam in the lower half). He caught me as I was walking onto the golf course. I said that was fine. The next day I got an idea of putting a stitch of black leather as a wheel center marker. The proper color for the swath would be cream to match the seats, but thatís not a common color, so I thought black would be easier to employ. I texted him some links to some wheels on Suncoastís website. I didnít hear back and got busy and didnít call to see if he got my text.

Yesterday he called and said the wheel was finished. I drove to Lincoln this morning to pick it up. It looked very good but didnít have the black center swath, just a seam. I asked him if heíd gotten my texts. He said he doesnít do texts. OK. My bad for not following up. It ended up being $225 (we agreed on that price after the phone call about the seam) and it was well worth it as it looks very nice.

Someone on RL found a source for the elusive 85-88 928 windshield. It was an Italian parts store in ATL. He got the windshield for $760 + $200 shipping. It arrived in good shape and the installer had no issues putting it in. He gave the contact info in his thread so I beat feet to get an order in. I go to the website and see the price is now $840 + $200 shipping, but hey, beggars canít be choosers. That price is still $250 cheaper than from Porsche. Order it up and wait for a tracking #. Get an email instead saying the w/s is on back order and will take 2 wks. OK. I wait 2 wks and donít hear anything from them. Called them this morning. They called back and said they hadnít heard anything from that supplier so theyíve sourced the w/s from someone else but it will be 2 wks. Letís hope.

The key hasnít arrived. Left a msg with the nice lady in NC.

I took the dash apart to replace the faulty odometer gear. I had to remove the dash pod, then pull the dash cluster out from behind.

Once I got the speedometer out of the cluster, it was obvious the old wheel was in sad shape.

I was able to get everything apart and put back together again. I also spent a lot of time cleaning electrical connections in the hope that would solve my lack of instruments working. Everything went back together and looked nice. Popped the cluster back into the dash pod, cleaned the 3 wire plugs, and put it back together loosely. Put the key in, started the engine, andÖ No instruments. Shoot. Will need to look at fuses and relays next.

Window Switches
I purchased a pair of window switches hoping this was the cause of the no window workie issue. Purchase the pair from our sponsorís site. Pull the passenger switch out (plus the 2 ft of attached wires), install the new switch, and find that 2 of the 4 wires are 2Ē short. WTF!?! Here's a comparison of the old and new wires.

I go back to the website and look at the page. Thereís 1 comment and it says 2 of the wires are short. Crap, wish Iíd looked at the comments. Why in the Wide World of Sports would anyone produce it like that? The other 2 wires are the exact proper length. The site does sell another switch, but itís $75 instead of $44. For $31 x 2 I can get my soldering iron out and make the wires longer.

Do both sides and now for the moment of truthÖ No workie. I check the fuse again but it looks good. Thereís a complex relay also associated with the windows and the sunroof. Not sure how to test it, but Iíve gone ahead and ordered a new relay. Figure the switches and relay are 30 yrs old so itís adding value replacing them even if theyíre not the culprit. If the relay doesnít solve the problem, will look for broken wires in the doors.

Iíve saved the best for last. The new sunroof trans arrived and I put it in. Hit the switch and the sunroof went completely open and then completely closed. I adjusted on fitment a bit more and got it looking a bit better. Still worked fine. I popped the headliner back in and even got the 3 impossible screws in. Tested it again, worked fine. Then decided to do a water test, so I poured a glass of water over all the edges. No water inside, all ran out the drain holes (which Iíd cleaned earlier with the trombone cleaner). Think I can consider this one at the Done Sign.

Obviously you can tell I havenít had a haircut in 3.5 mo. Sorry about that.

I still have several things to track down, but Iím getting closer. However, Iíve had to spend a bunch of time recently getting ready for our DE this upcoming weekend. Iím the clubís registrar and weíve had almost double the entries for this event Ė lotís of pent up desire to hit the track. Thatís great except it makes for a lot of paperwork on my part. And we have a lot of COVID paperwork too. Iíll also be instructing at this event as well as observing the classroom sessions as I prepare to become a Chief Driving Instructor. Oh yeah, I have to get my car ready too. Once the DEs done, I have two people who are interested in me selling 3 of their cars. This retirement gig keeps me really busy. Maybe I need a job to allow me to slow down.
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