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Originally Posted by JFP in PA View Post
Thank you, JFP. you're always good for the details, man!
I saw this diagram previously, and it's somewhat useful (though I'll confess that the stuff under the fender liner doesn't look a LOT like that, haha).

But what I could really use to accompany this diagram, is a flow-chart narrative:

"when xyz happens, valve A opens and releases gasses to CDE"
and "under these conditions, the purge valve should get voltage, which opens/closes the valve....."

etc etc.
Y'know? I can't tell which parts aren't working the way they should, because I cant ell which part is supposed to do what, or when it's supposed to do it.

I'm afraid it's all too very-much like plumbing. And I really SUCK at plumbing.
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