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Could y'all walk me through the evap system?

Hey y'all!
In my quest to get this car through emissions inspection, I've now solved the o2 sensor issue I was having.

The only persisting issue now is an evap issue. Code po446, which i know can mean several things, but accompanying symptoms include strong gas odor and difficulty starting the first time after filling the tank.

Last weekend I popped-off the inner fender liner (front right) and unhooked the lines from all the various crap in there. I blew compressed air through the various hoses and didn't encounter any blockages that I could detect.

So the problem I have right now, is that I'm vague on what each item is, and what it is supposed to do, and when.

I searched this forum and Googled, and most discussions center around the purge valve under the intake plenum, left side. So with a test light, I've confirmed voltage at the valve..... but i don't know WHEN it's supposed to have voltage, or whether that voltage opens or closes the valve, so i can't really test the valve.

I could use a basic flowchart-type narrative of the entire evap system. Can y'all help me? Or steer me somewhere where it's already laid-out for me?

Thank you!

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