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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Thanks, my picture doesn't show it well, but in person and with the small chips of Arctic Silver Metallic paint still on her bumper, I have no doubt.

I first tried with a spray can, but messed it up. When painting it is Very important to make sure that all the paints and solvents that you use are compatible and mine weren't. The re-paint was done with a spray gun. The paint I used was a single stage acrylic, meaning that there is no need for clear coat over it - it has the gloss as one of it's components.

I set it back on the car today to see how well the color match was. Tomorrow, I'll finish mounting it. I'm really happy with the color and how well the paint laid smooth. I'm going to have to polish the original paint now.
Thanks for sharing this. I`d like to do a very similar paint job on my SAAB convertible, the rear bumper has some deep scratches and looks very ugly. Would you recommend anything special to use to patch them up before sanding and painting?
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