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I made it back from VIR with good news and bad news. The good news I didn't die... the homemade control arms and various other one off suspension changes didn't break. The bad news is it was slower... by 5 whole seconds. The first heat the car was incredibly loose, its now square (front track is equal to rear track) the front is 7 inches wider than stock and the rear is 4 inchs wider than stock so I expected this to be a big change. I stiffened the front sway bar several times through the day and ended up close to a balanced car. Its still on the narrow 235 series time trial tires so I'm going to wait for wider tires before I make any more adjustments. As it sits its still loose which resulted in a spin at Oak Tree but overall it has far more grip. If I took the widebody off (with its huge fender intakes) I'm sure the car would be faster, I'm loosing a lot of speed down the stretches. I'm now weighing engine swaps, the Audi W12 is an interesting option. Its the same length as the boxster motor and would bolt up to the Boxster S transmission.

Here's a couple shots from the weekend, it was a small social distancing event so the organizer let me and the buddies I run track days with try and recreate the Car and Driver Lightening Lap photo. Super fun weekend, it was great to get out there and bring back a working car.

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