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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
I finally finished installing the new leather base on the driver's seat. Rather than strip the original seat, I used a heated seat base with damaged black leather as a replacement. Stripping off the original leather without damaging the seat was slow and difficult for me. I did not look forward to the installation and kept putting it off for later.
I finally bought a good set of hog ring pliers and that made the assembly go much easier than the removal.

While I had the seat apart, I replaced the damaged webbing on the base by stitching on a scrap cut from a trunk liner. Most of the seats that I have seen from after '99 (the older seats used metal springs) have had deteriorated webbing.

Through the whole process, I didn't use any guide or YouTube video, but just muddled my way through. If you ever reassemble a seat, be sure to pay attention to the proper order of assembly. I took mine back apart twice to get the controls, wiring, and plastic cover on correctly.

I had thought of using the passenger side seat that Fred had sent me, but in the end, I used the driver's seat that he had done some leather repair on. His work had come out pretty well and I didn't see the sense in wasting it. The interior could use a little clean-up, but here it is as I was finishing putting the seat back in.

Nice work. You’re a braver man than me!

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