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Originally Posted by truegearhead View Post
On Friday I picked up $40 worth of aluminum and started hammering away. Nothing is attached yet so it looks a little wonky, it'll look much better once its been fastened down to the body lines. So far so good though I think its going to work. Once I get it fastened down I'm going to pick up some used e30 oil coolers (which are long and narrow and stuff them into the flare openings. Hopefully the oiling system can handle the additional volume, I still have some research to do on that one.

On one of the forums yesterday I read a post about someone asking something similar... extra oil coolers. The poster queried why the oil cooler wasn't mounted in the front of the car. A responder replied that the, IIRC, the oil pressure was insufficient to handle all those lines... insificient pressure. If you find a workaround... please share.

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