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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Excellent news.
I'd be happier if we knew what the sound was, but not much. :-)

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What I forgot to reveal was that while I was buttoning everything back up I had the battery disconnected. Remember... that ABS light had come on during the initial process. A Pal suggested that the clkicking might be associatd with the ABC for when I had my foot on the brakes... while in gear... clicking. No brake... no clicking.

When I started it yesterday the ABS light was still on. By the time I returned to my driveway I noticed that the light was off.

Strongly I believe the clicking was the ABS. And, because I had the battery disconnected yesterday, I believe something in the ABS was "cleared". Even though that ABS light was on in the driveway after the startup... there was no clicking.

Next week I plan on removing the entire ABS system... and go Flintstone.

Thank you, guys, for the words of encouragement.

Have a great Sunday!
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