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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Starter, I just read through this thread. I'm sorry man, I got nothin' for ya, except to say that if I were at this point, my plan would be to do PRECISELY as you;re planning to do.
I hate it when I fix things "accidentally"; by that I mean the problem goes away but I still don't understand it. Having said that: it happens. And where right now you;re thinking "all I really want is for it to be fixed", I;d do exactly what you're planning.

But I've never been an automatic trans sorta guy. They're red-voodoo to me. so YMMV!

Keep us posted!
Thanks, Man. I'm near sick with angst... knowing that if it clicks... or somehow isn't sounding/acting proper... I'm sunk. I'm in the middle carport of three spaces and, while I'd be up for the task, I don't have the room to drop a tranny. If tomorrow reveals a catastrophe I'll save some quid and take it to the shop.

That you'd "do the same thing" brings me some comfort. I was hoping a few of the other brains would chime in. We'll see if tomorrow I wake to any new comments.

Anyhow... tomorrow.

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