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Originally Posted by Starter986 View Post
Good morning.

You guys got nothing?

Tomorrow morning after the underbody panel and brackets have been installed I'll drop the car... and do the driveway thing. Does anybody discourage that move? Any advice?

Thank you for your consideration. Cheers!
Starter, I just read through this thread. I'm sorry man, I got nothin' for ya, except to say that if I were at this point, my plan would be to do PRECISELY as you;re planning to do.
I hate it when I fix things "accidentally"; by that I mean the problem goes away but I still don't understand it. Having said that: it happens. And where right now you;re thinking "all I really want is for it to be fixed", I;d do exactly what you're planning.

But I've never been an automatic trans sorta guy. They're red-voodoo to me. so YMMV!

Keep us posted!
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