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Click/clunk post Tip service - Ughhhh.

I'm in a pinch. Humbly I request your assistance.

Yesterday (finally) serviced the transmission.

Drained out ~5.2 quarts of fluid.

Replaced filter.

Installed pan. (Old gasket felt like paper. It was old. Dry.)

This morning I followed the refill process as illustrated in vids and print. At one point during the process you run the tranny through R/N/D... ~10 seconds each... get under the car... add more fluid.

Now... I started with 5 quarts of fresh fluid.

When I started with an empty pan I pumped in 3.5 quarts of fresh fluid. That's when it started the dribble... start the car... warm up the tranny... run it through the gears. While running it through the gears I did have my foot OFF the brake. Just an idle. That foot OFF the brake may have something to do with the ABS light that came on... and remains on for now. So...

After running through the gears I pump in another 1.5 quarts of fresh fluid. At this point I'm thinking time to shut off the car. I do... and when I return to the open filler plug I've tranny fluid quickly dribbling into the pan. I got the plug in... tightened. I go back into the car... start it up... foot on brake... and put it into reverse. Click click click. What??! Neutral. Nothing... quiet. Drive. Click. Click click.

With my foot on or off the brake... click/click/click. No click in park. Didn't check manual.

So... I come inside... do some research and reading... and find that the ABS light coming on might have something to do with the wheels spinning at a low rate of speed for 20 seconds. I've read that once the car gets on the road the light may go out on its own. Not finding anything about that clicking sound. Next...

So... I'm stuck. Car is up on stands... all buttoned up. But I've got a Tip that is clicking in gear. Also... I took out 5.2 quarts... put 5 quarts in and, based upon what I accumulated from the leftover fresh fluid from the five quart bottles... and the fluid that dribbled out... I'd say that the net fresh fluid installed was 4.7 quarts. I'll be hitting O'Reilly for another quart... and will get back under the car tomorrow morning.

Any suggestions? Diagnosis? Questions. I'm thinking I should have left well enough alone.

Thank you.

Edit: I did some more research, and found this:

It describes exactly the problem I'm having. Now, unless otherwise I am advised, I'll pick up the fresh quart. In the morning I'll remove the fill plug... see what comes out. If it drains a bit then I know it's level. I'll then start up the car... warm it up... let the tranny warm up to spec. I will not shift through the gears instead letting everything warm up organically, and with the fill plug off (Thanks JFP ). Then I'll get back underneath and pump in fresh fluid from the new quart... let it dribble... plug it up.

Unless otherwise advised. Thoughts?

Thank you!!
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