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Here's the final cover. It's not pretty but functional.

Two weekends ago I met up with some friends and went to a different track. It was the first time for the new system and results were mixed. The car idles like crap and has lost some low end torque. I was suspecting it would. It's hard to tell how much HP I gained but it screams above 4000rpm. The car was overheating a bit and I suspect it was running lean. This is with a 3.2 ROW tune. I went racing yesterday but with a 3.4 ROW tune instead. The 3.4 tune felt a lot better (specially low end torque), but still had a rough idle. Not as bad as the other tune though. I suspect the motor itself might have some issues with the ignition or timing. I need to dig into the motor deeper.

On another note, I said the beginning of this thread that I had planned to jump it. Well I was finally able to. This new place had a spot on the track where if you were going above 55mph, you could get some air. That track was a blast but very dangerous and abusive to vehicles. I blew out two struts and roughed up the rocker panel. One guy busted his oil pan on a Audi A4 and a few weeks earlier broke both front coilovers on his 924. I took the jump a few times while another friend took pictures. I couldn't tell if I had gotten air from the drivers seat. The stock suspension really was great and never bottomed out. I think most of the suspension can take the abuse. The struts on the other hand do not like the constant up and down movement. Everyone using stock struts has blown them out from just regular track use.

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