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In an effort to bump start the economy, I ordered $550 worth of parts from our site sponsor. The stash included various fan belts, brake pads, the high pressure power steering hose, an automatic trans filter and gasket, along with a gear oil syringe (new tool #13). The fuel pump check valve also arrived from a 928 specialist vendor.

I thought I might be able to save time by just pulling the fuel pump off w/o removing the fuel filter, but alas, it wasn’t possible so I removed both. Got the check valve and new copper washers into the fuel pump and re-installed. Turned the ignition and let the pump fill. Bumped the starter and the engine cracked to life. Shut it off and checked the fuel pump. Dry as a bone. Problem solved – no more fuel leaks. I think the old check valve was stuck open. I’ll keep an eye on it for a while. Trust is earned.

Next item on the agenda was some wheel and wheel well cleaning. Put the shark back up on jack stands and removed the tires. The inner barrels were all filthy with 30 yrs of grime.

Used my usual products to cut thru the grime but it took a bit more elbow grease than normal to clean them. However, I was a bit disappointed with the results. They all looked like this.

Turns out the black was paint, not grime. I tried several toxic fluids from carb cleaner, brake cleaner, and even some lacquer thinner to remove the paint but to no avail. Took some 800 grit sand paper and wet sanded 1 wheel.

Looks presentable but too much work. Need to rethink another solution for the other 3 wheels.

On to cleaning the wheel wells. They too had 30 yrs of grime. Each one took a couple hrs to clean, but they turned out ‘well’.




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