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Its all starting to come together! The suspension arms have all been extended (this was a horrible pain to get right and the sway bar linkage is still questionable) and the hood and wheel well vents have been wrapped

Here's everything I did to extended the suspension on the front of the car.
-Extended Elephant racing control arms using longer collars and hardware
-Installed rear toe arms (which are longer than tierods) on the front to replace and extend the tierods. These needed to be extended even more with adjustable end links
-Since the arms are longer the strut also needed to be extended, I drilled new holes in the strut and raised it in the hub
-Moved the strut mounts out by drilling and grinding a spot for them into the chassis
-modify strut bearing to fit in new location of the chassis
-Install adjustable toe links
-install spacers on the swaybar linkage and extend hardware
-cut fenders and install flares

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