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Originally Posted by traveno View Post
So far so good. Are you doing the paint yourself? I figured I would just take it to the shop, but I may try it myself.
Piecework things like this I do myself, big things (like the hardtop) I’ll take to a shop. On the Porsche I did the side skirts, side vents, seat backs, head light clear coat and now the headlight covers. Joe Thoth’s painter did the rear spoiler because his price was good. I’ve been painting since I was a teenager working in my dad’s shop, so I’m an ‘ok’ painter. A competent paint shop would have done a better job. It’s a driver not a show car so I’ll be happy with the result if I don’t screw up the 2k clear coat too badly.

IMHO, if you haven’t done a good amount of polyurethane prep and painting I’d go with a competent shop that does a lot of custom work unless you want to gain some experience with the process for future projects.
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