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Today was a relatively good day.

I have a fuel leak at the outbound side of the fuel pump. After doing some Internet research, I found there is a check valve there and it might be sticking open. So today's adventure was to remove the fuel pump and then the check valve, clean it, and see if that eliminated the leak. Unfortunately, to remove the fuel pump (the blue tube), you have to remove the fuel filter (the silver canister).

I got the check valve out. It was only finger tight so I was hoping that might be where my leak was. Since I had it out, I shot it up with some Aerokroil and carb cleaner. Put it all back together and flipped the ignition switch. Still a few drips. Tightened the cap a bit more but to no avail. Oh well, I went upstairs and ordered a new check valve and copper washers - $34 incl shipping.

Next I pulled the driver's seat out of the basement and greased up the threaded rods that make the electric seat move fwd & back. Then got it in the car and bolted down w/o getting a hernia. Tested out the movement and it was much improved (I also did some work on the switch while I had it out). Still have the passenger seat to work on but that's for another day.

Then got her down off her jack stand perch, drove her out of the garage, and turned her around in the driveway. The light was good, so I took a couple of pics. You could see the green much better in the sunlight, but it doesn't come thru as well in my pic. While she was in the driveway, I took advantage of the nice weather and gave her a quick bath. And then a couple more pics, but the light was fading. She's now better situated in the garage. When my friend and I dropped her off the trailer back in Nov, we didn't have the option of getting her nicely situated - she went where she wanted to go and that was that.

Now that she's on the ground, I can loosen the wheel nuts (they're tremendously tight and I'm probably going to need a cheater pipe to get them lose) so I can remove the wheels and bleed the brakes. She had stopping power when I was turning her around, but I'm sure the fluid is VERY old and well past the 2yr requirement.

Tomorrow it's supposed to snow.

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