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Originally Posted by Oldcarguy View Post
Well, they’re in and primed. YMMV, but I think these are going to work out well. Again, YMMV but I don’t see the concern regarding the flunk/headlight join. Looks like it will be fine for me. If not, a little 3M satin black wrap should address any issues.

Researching 3M ‘no carrier’ very thin transfer adhesive ‘tapes’ now. Don’t want to use an adhesive that will harm the headlights and don’t want to use a headlight protection film.

In the pic, the covers are just sitting loose on the headlights so don’t judge the final fitment from this.

Hope to paint this weekend. Stay tuned.

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Yes! They look nice. Once they’re painted and fitted I think they’ll look great. Really updates the look of the front end. Again, definitely keep us posted.
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