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Originally Posted by 986buzz View Post
Wow Im surprised these are such short lived items. The 944spec bearings last forever and car is only 50lbs lighter. Not to mention the front bearing is only $10 the rear is anywhere from $40-80. I can only remember replacing a rear bearing once in 12 years of racing 944Spec.
So much for progress.
Buy an IR thermometer reader -- good for diagnosing issues. Measure exhaust header temps.
I carry an extra coil pak or two and a set of spark plugs.
I have the spare hubs ready to go (thanks woody)
I need to pick up some radiators -- on my list.
I have spare side mirrors and tail lights.
Had a spare tranny -- had to swap it out.
Shifter cables can wear out and or pop off.
I carry a spare fuel filter, and fuel pump relay. Having a spare fuel pump would be a good idea.

If I had room in the trailer -- i'd add a spare front and rear bumper... and hope I was just hauling them for someone else :-)

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