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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Did you strip the wheel well area of everything? charcoal canister, washer fluid bottle and liners?
Yep, the car is stripped of just about everything.

I finally got around to checking the front track width and found I made some serious miscalculations. The front track width (hub to hub) is now 66"s, factory is 56.89. So the front is over 8"s wider than the stock design (10" wider with the larger wheels and tires). The problem is the rear is only 4"s wider, I can order 3" spacers but the front will still be 2" wider than the rear. I wonder how problematic this will be.

EDIT: I'm finding conflicting info on factory hub to hub measurements, but it seems the rear from the factory is almost 3 inches wider than the front. So if put 3" spacers on each side of the rear everything will shake out to being square (66"s width in the front and 66"s in the rear). In other words, crisis averted...maybe
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