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Originally Posted by 986buzz View Post
Because I am not that familiar with the Boxster. Are you talking about the rear uprights that you carry as spares? Are these notoriously weak? Or fail from contact?
Do you carry spare radiators because they fail or from contact?
The car I bought did not have the aluminum bumpers installed.
I read the rules and it does not state that you can remove the bumpers, am I missing something here?
The "upright" or "wheel carrier" houses the wheel bearing. Wheel bearings are a wear item. Depending on your schedule, a wheel bearing may last a year, two years, three years, .... A friend of mine replaces all four wheel bearings in the off-season. I think that's extra work and money that is not warranted. (Admittedly, bearings are cheap.) Should you hear/feel a wheel bearing going bad on a race weekend, the easiest, fastest way to fix it on the spot is to swap in a spare upright. (And then replace the bad bearing on your now-spare upright when you get home.)

You only need two spares because opposite corners of the car use the same part. LF and RR are one part, RF and LR are another part. Replacing it could probably be done in 30 minutes with skill and experience and no glitches. Otherwise expect an hour or two. It should not require re-aligning the car. It requires the right socket for the big axle nut and it needs something like 340 ft-lb of torque.
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