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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post
also, it seems you don't have a center radiator. What sort of temps are you seeing.

One thing I've thought of is using a WRX hood scoop on my trunk lid running to the trans and up to the heat exchanger. Might be a pain to route the hoses, but my car is not full track yet, so I haven't gone full nutso.
The NACA ducts use 2.5" (I think, I'll confirm later) hose to connect the rotors to the ducts. I hollowed out the back of the lights to make them work and then rewired the head lights to the fog lights so I can still see when driving around at night in the paddock. The turn signals also still work.

You're right I don't have a third radiator, my first approach on the car was to make it as light as possible so I wanted to avoid it. It doesn't overheat at all even on 100 degree days though. I don't have AC condensers blocking the flow and I cut the wheel wells out to let the air flow through the radiators right into the wheel wells (the factory design requires the air to turn and exit under the car) so I'm sure this helps out as well. Oddly my 911 (996 3.6) has the same radiator setup (no center radiator) and temps start climbing on the track on really hot days. I can't believe they didn't put a third radiator on all the 911s.

I'm trying to picture your WRX scope idea, are you trying to cool the transmission fluid?

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