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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
No fresh 2.5L crate motors available. You can sill find used motors at reasonable prices. Just put out some feelers with LAPD and OK Foreign.
FYI, OK Foreign has been out of business for years now. LADismantlers is probably the best on the west coast. They had a hiccup a few years ago after the original owner died but seem to be getting back into the game again. Porsches grow on trees in Cali, so finding parts out there is easier and cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Did the car come with spare parts? You should always carry the following parts with you.
1997-99 transmission(buy as many as you come across if they're a good price)
1 extra set of 17x8.5 wheels
1 set of rain tires using 2 17x7 and 2 17x8.5(this might not be needed as much in sunny California)
1 left and 1 right upright with new hub bearings installed
1 multi side radiator and or left and right radiator.
Some guys carry spare axles with them too.
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