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Originally Posted by piper6909 View Post
As a prostate cancer patient, Gleason 7-9, Radical Prostatectomy, Radiation and Lupron, I have an idea of what your father is going though. My thoughts are with him. I was diagnosed and operated on 7 years ago, been off radiation for 6, off Lupron for 5 and my PSA has been undetectable since ending radiation. *Keeping fingers crossed*

I've already eliminated added sugar, but being Italian pasta is my weakness. What you wrote made me realize that I have to be more serious about other things I can do, diet-wise. And I thank you for that. Funny how doctors love to push pills, but don't tell you these things.

Best wishes to your father and mother, as I understand she's going through some things as well.
thanks for your will wishes. If you aren't already on it I would strongly recommend you check in with your cardiologist as frequently as he/she sees fit. And get a good one from a top medical school and part of top notch heart institute that is within your best hospital. Cancer patients are prone to coagulation and that needs to be monitored. My father should have been on a low dose blood thinner like Xarelto with his cancer, age, history of stroke and being on a long term hormonal treatment. He was a good candidate for a blood thinner because he was extremely mobile and physically coordinated for someone with so many incurable diseases. At over age 80 he rode an exercise bicycle for over an hour, could walk long distances without the slightest fatigue, which the dog loved and had really remarkable visual coordination for a person with advanced dementia. He would be the first to have his seat belt on and always knew to step over the parking block. No falls whatsoever. But he couldn't tell you his address, flushed his $4k dental bridges down the toilet (bah useless) and he didnt know who his son or wife were...he just thought of us as his roommates. Lol.

I'm a half full glass type person who is always in fight mode so I watched him closely. But man did the doctors fail to forsee the possibility or mitigate against a major blood clot. Even after his stroke the second rate hosptial he was unfortunately rushed to did not perform a doppler of his arteries the entire week he was in the hospital and it wasnt performed for almost a month as part of his cardiologist follow up. Once the imminent danger had passed I should have transferred him to a hospital that was capable of surgical intervention of blood clots. They would have performed the doppler test right away and found the DVT blood clot. Incredibly not all hospitals can perform interventions of blood clots. They just let you sit there in the bed until your vitals are stable to send you home with a ticking time bomb. This is important to point out because he had what I now believe was a second stroke at the second rate hospial while I was helping him walk around the floor of the hospital. He was simply rushed back to his bed and no further tests performed other than CT scan. Total **************** show.
Once he was back home I had a second doppler performed about 9 months later to confirm that his coagulation was not chronic condition. So better management of this might have prevented my father's bed bound confinement completely. You really have to stay one step ahead of your doctors. The best way is to fire any IMMEDIATELY if they show a lackadaisical, cynical or apathetic demeanor. They should exhibit a sense of urgency or seriousness like a Marine on point. Especially if you live in an area where there is a high senior population and you become like just another can of peas on the production line.

As far as the pasta, I think you can rewire your brain's carb craving by eating more fiber with that particular
carb. My theory is that people have three cravings: sugar, savory and carb. The sugar craving is a result of not eating enough fruit during the day. If you're having enough forest fruits (low sugar) and avoiding tropical fruits (high sugar) the fiber in the fruit will drip feed the sugar into your bloodstream on flattened plane vs a spike. The savory craving is a result of not enough healthy fats which is the strongest urge because calorically its lifting the most weight. So if you eat more avocado and nut varieties (avoid any non-organic nut butters and eat "Natural" peanut butter sparingly), chia puddings (never consume chia seed dry) your fat cravings for bacon, steak and eggs will fall. The bigger your appetite for these meat based fats the more plant based fats you have to replace with. dont worry about the calories at first, you want to make the withdrawal as easy as possible otherwise you'll just quit and go back to the piles of salty meats.

So For the carb cravings the antidote is eating more beans and lentils. These suppress appetite so you can walk past a plate of pasta. You should cook these legumes under pressure (Instant Pot) and wash them after. What I do for my pasta craving, I'm a bucatini fan, is to mix in plenty of spinach, red cabbage, the small lentils that look more like seeds, in with a smaller portion of the pasta and blend into the sauce cooked cauliflower, humus. Use pressed garlic and raw onions for an net antioxidant benefit. The higher fiber content of these addions brings down the net carbs of the pasta so your insulin spike isnt as high and long in duration. Yet you still feel like you ate a plate of pasta. And very important, DO NOT add more than a tiny bit of olive oil. Think teaspoon in stead of tablespoons. If you want the olive oil flavor blend a whole olive into the sauce or dice and mix in with the pasta and vegetables. Omega 3's are vital but not without its original fiber source. Processed oil (aka straight vegetable oil, all kinds) hits your bloodstream all at once just like the sugar in fruit juices except that instead of an insulin spike you get something far more dangerous if you don't have the ability to break down oil quickly: rapid inflammation in places you really dont want that. And this inflammation begins in a remarkably fast process as well, almost as soon as you're done eating. When Samuel L. Jackson went in for his 50th birthday at the Mayo clinic's famous head to toe in a day physical he was told he had a life threatening blockage in a major artery. His options were: A) surgery with one of the highest death rates (moving an artery from an arm to his leg if memory serves). Or option B) an immediate course of medication with an absurdly strict diet that cut out all meats, chicken, fish, etc. and .....cutting out ALL OILS. Why? because they accelerate the inflammation that could dislodge the blockage and trigger a stroke. So he picked option B and within six months his arteries were clear. Jackson's experience was educational for others because it showed the inflammatory risks of fiber-less oils they don't warn you about, and that routine blood tests, the sort a primary physician orders once a year, do NOT show the full picture of what is going on in your arteries.
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