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Originally Posted by particlewave View Post
This was briefly touched on, but yes.

Modern O2 sensors get their reference air from the tiny gaps between the wires and insulation. You can solder, crimp, whatever, but if you are doing the wire work between the sensor and connector, then you need to make sure not to block the reference air.

Crimp will have no issues, but solder might if you do it too close to the end of the insulation (the solder will flow down the wire a bit and fill all gaps, blocking reference air). The resistance thing is just a case of a bad internet rumor.

Just make sure not to block the end of the insulation with a big glob of solder (or you could make a small nick in the insulation that ref air can be drawn through) and youíll be fine.
I came to the same conclusion a few days ago. I've been chasing some odd codes, and I think I dicked-up the o2 sensors when I lengthened the wires, by sealing them up too tightly with Shrink-Wrap the entire length, from connector to connector (up and over the connector shoulders). I'm going to replace the after-cat sensors and build extension cables for them, instead of cutting them up.

For the record; I never would've believed it. As I mentioned below, I always chalked that up to voo-doo.
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