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Thanks Jay, Will, Steve, Paul, Dan and piper.

Please post away if youíd like, Dan.
I still need inspiration from time to time!
My wife still says that. It was definitely not easy, but she is right: it is easier for me. She did the diet with me for the 3 months and lost about 15 lbs, though she did have quite a bit more carbs per day than I.
I also told her that I really didnít want her to loose too much (not into the rail thin look ).

Thatís great, Jay! Iím definitely thinking more about my health. We think weíre immortal when young, but it catches up to you fast.

Will, one of my favorite takeaways from this diet has been pizza
I do a strict cheese crust, though (fry it up in a non-stick skillet until thin and crispy). I tried a few things with almond flour, but never mastered cooking with it and gave up.
I did the CBD thing last summer in Missouri to ease the suffering, then switched to the occasional THC when I moved to WA last October, but gave all that up a couple months ago. I still have some tincture, but have found that I really donít need anything anymore. This muscle ache may change my mind down the road, though
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