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Originally Posted by rackets351 View Post
Picked up car for a good price, stated problem was blown head gasket. Didn't think it was a big deal, that was until I went to replace the head gaskets. When I pulled one of the heads off, one of the head bolts seemed to come loose awfully easy. The head gasket looked fairly new, after checking the bolt that didn't seem tight, I found that the threads were stripped in the block.Apparently who ever tried to torque the head over did it. Anyway, has anyone had or known of this problem and if so what was done to correct it, if anything. Thanks everyone
If that engine actually blew a head gasket, it would be the first one. These engines use multi layer steel head gaskets that are actually stronger than the heads or engine cases. They never fail.

That said, it is always easy to strip major fasteners on all alloy engines, particularly if they unknowingly reuse them as most are single use torque to yield fasteners.

I would say whoever worked on this car had no idea what they were doing...….

The cases may be saved by installing thread inserts in the damaged holes, but that will require pulling the engine apart.
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