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Airbag Light after Battery Disconnect for a Month

So here is my problem, when I know I am not going to be using my '01 986 for a month or two, I will just disconnect the battery since I know from previous experience that the battery will just drain to nothing. So I let my car sit for about 30 days with the battery disconnected as I have done in the past, I reconnected it and it started fine, except now I have the Airbag light on the dash. Nothing has been done to the car to possibly cause this. Although I did swap out the door latch about 6 months ago but after the swap everything was fine, so...

1) Is there anything I can do to clear the error code?
2) Other than pulling the door card and checking for a loose connector, what else can I look for?

Remember this only happened after the car had sat for a month with the battery disconnected.

And oh yeah, for the first time in over 7 years of ownership, I have to take her to a CA smog station to get checked, is the airbag light going to cause me to fail smog?
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