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Originally Posted by flmont View Post
I get the Manometer that Maytag suggested,..But Iam Not sure if I hooked it up correctly,..I set it to INH2O used the RHand prong and it shows ( - 1.47 ) cold ,.I know its suppose to be at operating Temp,.but Iam checking to see if I even hooked it up correctly,.....oil cap drilled with a brass fitting that I epoxied into place,.and then attached a 3/16 tube that was supplied..?? Thanks Frank
I've never measured cold. I can't help ya with that.

Get it warmed-up and see what reading you get. I'm typically around 3.7, fully warmed.

It really shouldn't matter which side of the manometer you hook to; one should read positive, one should read negative. You'll probably want to put a hose on the other nipple as well, though, and route it somewhere where it's protected from any wind or venting. It'll be very sensitive.

I assume you watched the video that JFP linked you to earlier?
Read this thread, for more help:
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