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Convertible top - Strange issue - video link

I'm continuing my fun journey of bringing a 98 Boxster back to life. Parts are enroute for water pump, plugs and plug tubes. While I'm waiting, I decided to troubleshoot/ tackle the convertable top. PO converted top to manual operation because the rod ends broke and ripped the drip pans. I replaced the drip pans a while back and ordered rod ends a while back.

Yes, I have a damaged CLU with the associated electrical gremlins (window's don't roll down but they do the "drop", power locks don't work nor the alarm etc.). But the car starts every time, runs and drives great. I will tackle the CLU at some point.

I've read a lot of posts on here, consulted the 101 projects book and
bunch of youtube videos. I have yet to encounter this issue. Here is the background.

I have always heard the top drive motor run when I pressed the dash button after the top manual latch was undone. So that was encouraging. I installed the plastic rod ends and reinstalled the linkages. However, before reconnection, I pulled, cleaned and re-greased both transmissions. These are the "Series A" system, so no microswitch in the drivers side tranny. My transmissions had all metal gears, with the drive gears being a 1/2 moon. All gears are in good shape. I reinstalled the transmissions and the drive cables back in and tested functionality using cordless drill. Worked great. I made sure both sides were "even" with eachother and reinstalled the linkages etc.

After reinstallation I tested the dash button out. The top just "wiggles" back and forth. Regardless of which way I toggle the dash switch.

Link to issue.

I'd like to hear your ideas on what I need to look into.

Also, if there is a good link somewhere that describes how to properly "set" the adjustable linkages, please post up. Chances are that I've already read it. But there are a lot of posts out there, so I'm happy to read more.

Thanks for reading and in advance for your help.
98 Boxster - Ocean Blue metallic. Bringing it back to life and having fun doing it!
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