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This thing fits almost well.

I was hoping it would be shorter, or I'd have more length to play in. But looks like I'm going to have to re-work the trans mounts. Oh well so much for stock drivelines.

The oem subframe connector thingy doesn't even have a prayer of going in with this engine. So gonna have to re-fab that up. No big deal there, cause I already made that angle iron piece; just have to grind the welds off of it and use it solo. I might possibly just go another direction... Haven't made up my mind yet.

Do any of you guys know which direction the coolant goes ?????

Is this the hose going to the radiator from the engine like hot out of the engine???

Does this heater core hose go into the heater core from the engine? or is it the return from the heater core to the engine?

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