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Originally Posted by Aggromuffin View Post
Hey guys, i'm kind of a noob when it comes to radio/speaker wiring but i came across this thing while browsing

If i install this using the kit from CAI, can i forgo an amplifier in the frunk? Speaking of, this is what my current setup is. I'm not sure what that is next to the CD player.

Would i need mad skills to wire it all behind the unit or should i go with a standard double din and wait until i have some extra cash to get a proper amp and have it all installed and wired at a shop? Thanks!
There is a video series on youtube with a guy installing a similar deck and headunit in a boxster 986. There are some unique items to tackle but nothing that would require 'mad skills'. Watch those videos and see if you think you're up to it.

The amplifier is what's on the backside of that bracket to the right of the CD Changer. I removed mine (a 6 channel amp) and the CD changer and rebuild my entire setup. Nothing difficult. Just time consuming. My Boxster isn't my daily driver so I wasn't overly concerned with the time table. When you say 'the kit from CAI' Are you talking about the harness kit they sell? Their harness or the one from Crutchfield are extremely straight forward (Crutchfield has two wires that are reversed (yellow and red) but that's easy to swap.

I will say this, if you remove the stock amp all of your speaker leads are up front by the stock amp. Relocating all the speaker wires back through the dash (to the amp that would be mounted on the back of the stereo) is a bigger pain in the neck than simply running a pair of RCA's up to the existing amp location.

There are trade-offs for swapping out the existing amp/head unit. A guy could replace just the head-unit and leave the stock amp and save a bunch of time/effort. Why are you replacing the amp? What are your end goals? It's a slippery slow down the rabbit hole once you start going with stereo modifications.
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