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You’re welcome! I hope the passenger seat base leather works out, looking forward to seeing the pics.

Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
When I first restored the car, there were some small cracks in the leather on the driver's seat. I repaired them with some leather repair adhesive and dye. The repair held up for a while, but eventually cracked worse.

I looked at and saw that they had some nice replacement leather, but not the correct color. I considered replacing both seats, but hesitated because I want to keep the integrity of the Special Edition interior.

One day I noticed that 'Oldcarguy' was doing some upgrades on his car including a full rehab of his seats. I asked and he offered to send me his old seat leather, removed intact, for free. Today, I received leather from both seats. The driver's seat has some slightly noticeable restoration and the passenger seat is almost good as new. I plan to use the leather from his passenger side and replace my driver's side seat base. I'll patch the hole for the controls, but it will not be visible against the center console.

Thanks again Fred, that leather is going to look great in my car.
Rgds, Fred
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