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Waiting for Kennedy...

I started working on the subframe. I figure I don't need the engine in place to start on that.

The plan is to run two of these square tubings from the cross member by the bellhousing strait forward and then bolt them to the under body of the car (with a substantial backing plate of course).

Then to give it some more strength I am going to run a bar from where the aluminum skid things on either side of the body and attach that bar to the two running the length of the car.

These are the bolt holes that will secure the subframe to the body. I inserted some steel pipe to give the square stock some "anti-squanch" power. The backing plate I am going to put inside the car (under the seats) will have two M12 bolts welded in place. In my head it should be easy to bolt this subframe up, but its just in my head atm.

On a side note I sold my M96 at a whopping 580#s. I was just looking for a cheap replacement engine when I went with the 4.3; I didn't expect to loose almost 150 pounds of weight.
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