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Originally Posted by Qingdao View Post
So 5 speeds can't take the torque?

I have decided to tone it down a bit on the engine. No aggressive cam, light boost, stock or dish toped pistons, and only a 25 shot of nitrous at best.

I'd say 300#s on a good day.
I'm guessing you're a chevy guy? The audi/porsche 5 speed is like a T5 and the 986/987 6 speed is like a T56 in terms of power it can take. What you're doing is like connecting a SBC 350 to a T5. Sure it might work, but it won't last if you try doing any kind of aggressive driving. You're kind of limited to power with the 4.3 cast crank but even in stock form I think it's too much for the boxster 5 speed
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