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Originally Posted by husker boxster View Post
My friend came over Tue to assist with the 1st attempt at starting. He ran the key while I looked down the left cam cover to watch the timing belt. The engine spun fine and the belt turned over fine too. But no start.

Didn't hear anything clicking in the fuel pump area at ignition. Checked the FP fuse - it was fine. Tracked down the FP relay and swapped it with the backup lights relay. Heard a clicking at the fuse box area but still nothing at the FP. So I disconnected the line off the fuel filter that heads to the front of the car. It was dry as a dessert. So the fuel pump wasn't working.

Checked with the experts at RL. They gave me 5 things to try. Bought 2 new relays (only two in town) and tested various relays in the horn slot to be sure they were good. There are 3 important relays associated with starting, so I put my 2 new relays in along with 1 that tested good on the horn slot. Still no start.

So I used a jumper wire in the FP relay slot. This should cause the FP to run full time, which it did. This says the pump is good (saving me $300) but it's not getting any juice.

While I had the pump pumping, I tried starting, but no luck. The lack of juice could be one of the two ECUs has gone bad, which is a common problem. Or it could be something else. The search continues...
Hopefully the resolution will be easier than the fuel tank challenge. Following...
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