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I've been cheating on my boxster. I bought my wife a wrecked MK6 Golf and also bought a parts car to fix her's up. When I was done fixing up my wife's car I was left with this parts car. I was content with the boxster but I have relatives who can't drive a manual. So I decided to get the parts car race ready so people who can't drive a manual can join me. Like the Boxster, the Golf started off as goof. I gutted the car of dead weight, put some of the damaged sheet metal from my wife's car back on it, and threw on some wheels. I bought some adapters so I could use my vast collection of porsche wheels with a variety of tires. The first set I tried were those ice tires I got a few months back. They sucked on the boxster but I thought maybe they would be better on the front wheel drive Golf. Nope! They sucked on the Golf too. I was dead last on Saturday using the ice tires. For the next day I threw on those RS4's just to see if they would help. It was like night and day difference. The Golf was a beast on the dirt with those RS4's. I finished second in class and fifth out of 29 overall. That was also the first time I've ever driven a FWD car like that. On top of that, the Golf's alignment was way out of adjustment from the accident. I was impressed. The Golf can be a major contender. With that I went home and made improvements on the golf. I removed more weight, moved the battery to the back, and fixed the bent suspension pieces. I also tried making it look a little bit better by somewhat finishing out the front end. I used the rear bumper cover from a subaru and wheel liners from a dodge dakota. Yeah it's still ugly, but not as much. My second race with the golf I got first in class and second out of 28 overall. I've decided that I'll be racing the Golf at one track and the Boxster at the other. The picture below is at the first race

These are what it looks like now

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