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So after a year of racing the 77,000 mile rear struts are blown. I plan on replacing them with a set off a 2001 S tiptronic. I'm hoping the stiffer spring rate will help with compression, but not be too stiff that my rear end is bouncing all over the place. Everyone I've seen, no matter the car, has had problems with too stiff a rear end. Cross my fingers this decision doesn't set me back. Seeing that I'll be taking the rear suspension apart, I decided to also reinforce the rear subframes. I've seen lots of guys break them on asphalt tracks. Most of the time it's when they go off track sideways. It's a huge problem for the 97-98.5 boxsters. I'm actually surprised I haven't broke one yet as the suspension wasn't designed to have the car landing sideways after getting lift. I took a pair and had my neighbor tig weld on plating to box in the part of the subframe that gets the most abuse.

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