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Originally Posted by Silver' View Post
A trickle charger is the key for non-daily cars, IMO. Not easy when it's outside though. Is a solar battery minder a workable solution?

Luckily the driveway is in front of the kitchen windows, which are wood. One of the frames has a natural wood knot missing in the corner, which is perfect to get a wire through. It's how it's wired up now but it's a paint to keep connecting it up to the battery.

I'll most likely invest in a cigarette charging one, but again when I'm using it the end is left on the ground outside, which isn't ideal. An outdoor box would be an option, but then it would be easier to just connect the whole thing to an outdoor power socket, which I can't do as it's a rented house and I'm moving in a year.

May have to be a solar one.
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