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Part II of Fuel Strainer post

Unfortunately, the collar was too low to catch the threads of the strainer. Fished the puller back in and ran it a bit farther and then backed it off. Collar stayed in same place. Looks like the inner tank baffle is holding the collar at it's current place and won't let it go further. Hmmm...

So I thought about it and decided to try a smaller version of my puller, so I could see what was going on.

I was correct - the puller would move the collar up the hole but it would go back down when released. Put some more thought into the situation and decided to try a bead of super glue higher up in the hole, then use the small puller to position the collar high enough that the glue catches the collar. Left it sit overnight with the puller in place. This morning I removed the puller and the collar was holding in a higher position.

I carefully placed the strainer in the hole and lightly started to screw it in. It caught! I was able to tighten it down. Success!

Guess the acid test is when it's back in the car and I add some fuel. I should mention that the 6" bolt was a tad long. Had issues with getting it fished out. I cut it down to 5", which was better, but 4.5" would be optimal.

Next up is putting the tank back in and attaching the fuel pump and new fuel filter. Waiting for a connecting pipe between the pump and filter. Supposed to arrive on Mon (fingers crossed). May not be too long before a test start.
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